cooks meadow yosemite falls engagement and surprise proposal photography
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Suprise Proposal in Yosemite National Park

Filed in Couples, Yosemite — August 9, 2023

Surprise proposals are one of my favorite types of photo-sessions to be a part of. Being able to witness and capture such a joyous and romantic event is truly exciting. And recently, I had the incredible opportunity to be part of a particularly special surprise proposal that took place in the magnificent Yosemite!

tunnelview yosemite national park engagement and surprise proposal photography

How it all began

This decision also shows Graham’s understanding of the importance of capturing such a joyous event. By involving a professional photographer, he recognized the significance of having high-quality photographs to cherish and look back on in the future. It’s a way to preserve and relive the emotions and excitement of that special moment.

Graham’s decision to reach out to me months in advance to plan the perfect photoshoot for Marissa in Yosemite Valley speaks to his thoughtfulness and desire to create a memorable and romantic surprise proposal. By reaching out ahead of time, Graham had the opportunity to carefully plan and coordinate every aspect of the photoshoot, ensuring that it would be a truly special experience for Marissa.

Where we went in Yosemite

Our adventure began at Cathedral Beach, a picturesque spot nestled alongside the tranquil Merced river. The view was breathtaking, with soaring granite cliffs surrounding us. As we walked along the riverbank, we couldn’t resist capturing the beauty of the nearby field of wild lupine. The vibrant purple and blue hues of the lupine added a touch of enchantment to the photoshoot.

Next, we made our way toward the iconic Yosemite Chapel, a charming little chapel tucked away in the valley, and we parked our cars in the small lot there. As we walked past it, I couldn’t help but think about how the small chapel foreshadowed Graham’s ultimate plan for the evening. We strolled along Cook’s Meadow, a stunning meadow that seemed to stretch on forever. Along the way, we paused at Berg Bridge, allowing the natural beauty of Yosemite to serve as a backdrop for Graham and Marissa’s love story.

But the highlight of the meadow was undoubtedly the vista of Yosemite Falls. The majestic waterfall cascading down the granite cliffs was a sight to behold. As we stood there, mesmerized by the sheer magnificence of the falls, it felt as if time stood still. The moment was perfect, and we knew it was leading up to something even more magical.

Where the real magic happened

With hearts racing, we made our way up to Tunnelview – a viewpoint renowned for its breathtaking panoramic views of Yosemite Valley. The anticipation grew as Graham prepared to pop the question. And in that picturesque setting, surrounded by the grandeur of nature, he got down on one knee and asked Marissa to spend forever with him. The sheer surprise and joy on Marissa’s face were priceless, and we were fortunate enough to capture this beautiful moment. My 10-year old daughter came along with me and did a great job capturing some video for Graham and Marissa to cherish along with their photos. 

Being a part of such a significant day was truly an honor for me. Witnessing the love and happiness shared between Graham and Marissa in one of the most awe-inspiring locations on Earth was an experience I will forever cherish. It reminded me of how powerful and magical love can be. I feel incredibly fortunate to have played a special role in their love story, and I can’t wait to capture more surprise proposals in Yosemite in the future. Each location within this majestic national park holds its own charm and beauty, adding an extra touch of magic to these unforgettable moments.

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