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DIY Lakefront Wedding | Modesto Wedding Photographer

Filed in Weddings — July 31, 2023

Get ready to dive into a love story sprinkled with pops of bright colors and a breathtaking view. Meet Ben and Makenzee, the dynamic duo who threw the most epic DIY microwedding bash ever, on a private estate overlooking Lake Don Pedro in Coulterville California, about a 1-hour drive from Modesto, California.

Picture this: nature’s stunning backdrop, a laid-back vibe, and bursts of vivid color in every direction. These lovebirds wanted their wedding to be as unique as their love, so they DIY-ed like champs! Months of planning, crafting, and laughing together led up to the big day, and it was all totally worth it.

The scene was set with a rustic archway decked out in blooming peonies, lilacs, and ranunculus, beautifully arranged by her sister, and where Ben and Makenzee exchanged their heartfelt vows. Cue the happy tears and the cheers from everyone around!

Then, the party really kicked into high gear! The reception area was a decorated with simple details including chiffon table runners, floating candles, accented by teal glass insulators, since Makenzee’s father is a lineman, making the guests feel like part of the family. The sweetheart table donned the same decor, along with a gorgeous floral centerpiece. All the decor was a huge inspiration to other brides wanting to DIY something classy with a more intentional wedding budget. 

As the sunset, Ben and Makenzee and I snuck away for sunset bridal photos, overlooking the lake. I was so happy with the gorgeous views we got of lake Don Pedro, and the images we were able to create. I truly cannot think of a better view. This private property near Sonora and Oakdale really made all the difference when it came to the quality of bridal photos we got! What’s even more awesome? It was early May when this wedding took place, and everyone was a bit worried when rain was in the forecast for part of the day, but me, I was excited!! Brides, just know this, if you’re planning on capturing sunset photos, cloudy and stormy skies make the most EPIC sunset photos! Since the storm we got was mild, the cloud cover made for awesome even lighting during the ceremony, and even more awesome partly cloudy skies for the sunset photos! Don’t let a little rain worry you about your wedding day, and take this gallery as an example of that!

When we got back, Ben and Makenzee’s shared their first dance together, and soon enough, their closest friends and family joined in for a dance-off under the stars.

Love was definitely in the air that night, and you could feel it in every smile and every hug shared. Their love story was painted in laughter, hugs, and pure joy, creating memories that’ll last a lifetime.

As the night wrapped up, everyone left with hearts full of love and happiness. Ben and Makenzee’s love will forever shine like a bright, beautiful rainbow, leaving a trail of colorful memories for all who were lucky enough to be a part of their incredible DIY wedding adventure.

So, here’s to the dynamic duo, their love that’s as bright as the sun, and the wild, colorful ride they started on that unforgettable day! Cheers to Ben and Makenzee, the DIY champs of love! 🥂💖

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