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5 Things Brides Want You to Know NOT to Do at Their Wedding

Filed in Planning Tips — October 2, 2023

Hey there, all you lovely future wedding guests! 💐 We’re about to dive into some wedding wisdom that comes straight from the hearts of brides everywhere.

Here are five things brides secretly wish they could share with you to ensure their special day is as perfect as can be.

1. Don’t Be Late:

We totally get that life can throw curveballs, but if there’s one thing we’d ask, it’s this – please try your best to be on time. We’re eager to kick off the celebration and savor every moment with you, so yes, your punctuality matters!

2. Don’t Switch Seats:

Hours of meticulous planning have gone into crafting the perfect seating arrangement. It’s not a puzzle meant to be solved – so please, don’t go rogue and switch seats without checking with us first and just respect the seating plan!

3. Unplug and Enjoy:

We’ve hired professional photographers to capture all the special moments. So, let’s keep those smartphones and iPads tucked away during the ceremony. Social media can wait; we promise there’ll be plenty of pictures to share later. So please, don’t have your phone or pads out during the ceremony.

4. Don’t Get Drunk:

While we’re all for celebrating and having a good time, please remember to drink alcohol responsibly. We’d rather not witness any dance floor disasters – unless they’re the fun, coordinated kind! And we definitely don’t want to have anyone getting sick because they over-consumed! So please, enjoy the alcoholic beverages moderately!

5. Surprises Aren’t Always Fun:

If you’re planning a surprise toast, speech, or dance, kindly check in with our MC or maid of honor first. It ensures that everything runs smoothly and enhances the magic of the day. We appreciate the thought, but coordination makes the day run smoother, as we’ve already spent a lot of time planning out each moment of the day, and we don’t want to run out of time for the things that matter most to us.

We want you to know how much we adore each and every one of you, and we’re incredibly grateful that you’re here to celebrate with us. Following these little tips will help us create unforgettable memories together on this momentous occasion. 🥂💍💕

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