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How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Filed in Planning Tips — August 10, 2023

My 7 Biggest Tips to Help You Find The Best Visual Storyteller For Your Big Day!

Hey there, lovebirds! So, you’re diving into the wild world of picking a wedding photographer, huh? Well, buckle up, because this decision’s a biggie. Your photos will be the ticket back to reliving all those epic moments from your special day. Here are some super cool steps to help you find the wedding photographer of your dreams!

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1. Embrace Your Vibe:

First things first, figure out what style floats your boat. Are you all about classic elegance, artsy vibes, or capturing life as it happens? Scroll through wedding pics on Insta, check out blogs, and see what tickles your fancy. Finding a style that clicks with your heart is the first step to finding your perfect photographer match.

2. Unleash Your Inner Sherlock:

Now that you’ve got a style crush, it’s time to start your detective work. Ask pals, family, or even other wedding peeps for recommendations. Read reviews, stalk their Insta, and explore their websites to suss out if their style jives with your vision. If there’s a particular photographer you’ve been following that isn’t located in your area, ask if they travel! (Hint: The best traveling/destination photographers don’t charge extra travel fees, I know I don’t!).

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3. Complete the Story:

Go beyond the highlights reel and dive into their full wedding albums. This is where you’ll see if they can capture all those emotional, candid moments. Most photographers will send you a full gallery link if you ask them, so make sure you fill out their contact form and ask for one! Don’t settle for sneak peeks – ask to see full wedding albums. This is where you see if they’re consistent from start to finish and if they handle different lighting and moments like a pro. Sometimes they can even show you work that they’ve done at your particular venue, or with similar colors as your planning, so make sure to give them as much info as possible when you inquire. When you’re checking out their work, keep an eagle eye on the lighting, the emotions, and whether their storytelling style gives you all the feels.

4. Virtual Coffee Date:

Ready to chat? Set up a virtual coffee meet or an in-person hangout with the photographers who’ve stolen your heart. It’s like a friend-date but with extra wedding details! You’ll wanna see if you vibe with their personality and if they get your vision.

5. Dollars and Sense:

Time to talk moolah. Find out what’s in their packages, how many hours they’ll be around for, and if there are any cool extras like engagement sessions. And, of course, make sure it fits your budget without any sneaky surprise fees (again, ask about travel expenses). Keep in mind, that any fees will also be laid out in their contract, so if you’re feeling pretty good about things so far, they will likely be happy to send you a proposal and contract for you to review and make sure things are a good match for you. Make sure you read all contracts entirely.

6. Experience Counts:

Pop the question about their wedding experience. Have they shot similar weddings? What’s their backup plan if something goes sideways? You want someone who can handle whatever curveballs come their way. We recommend someone who has shot weddings for at least 2 years and has at least 15 weddings under their belt! Also, make sure you look them up on either Google or Yelp so you can read some reviews from other couples! A good photographer should also be open to sharing reviews from past clients.

7. Gut Feelings Rule:

At the end of the day, trust your gut. It’s not just about their skills; it’s about feeling a connection. This person’s gonna be there for all your big moments, and will be with you longer than other person on your wedding day, so they’ve gotta feel like a good fit.

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Remember, snagging an awesome photographer is like reserving a seat for your love story. Book ahead – the best ones get scooped up faster than free wedding cake samples! So, put on your detective hat, meet your potential paparazzi, and get ready to freeze-frame your big day in the most amazing way. Happy hunting! 📸🎉

All photos taken by me! @storybkphotography

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