My 7 Biggest Tips to Help You Find The Best Visual Storyteller For Your Big Day! Hey there, lovebirds! So, you’re diving into the wild world of picking a wedding photographer, huh? Well, buckle up, because this decision’s a biggie. Your photos will be the ticket back to reliving all those epic moments from your […]

5 Tips to Help You Break The News To Your Parents That You’re Planning to Ditch the Big Wedding and Elope Instead So you’re in love, engaged, and ready to start planning your wedding, but you aren’t in love with the idea of being in the spotlight, hosting a party for 150 people, spending loads […]

Surprise proposals are one of my favorite types of photo-sessions to be a part of. Being able to witness and capture such a joyous and romantic event is truly exciting. And recently, I had the incredible opportunity to be part of a particularly special surprise proposal that took place in the magnificent Yosemite! How it […]